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9.99 .

we are off Miami International Airport
We are located inside the Holiday Inn International at Miami Springs 5 Minutes from MIA.

Authorized Driving Area
Signature permits renters to drive the
vehicle only in the STATE OF FLORIDA.
The rental vehicle must be returned to
the same location which was originally
rented from
see drop charge.

Emergency Roadside Assistance/Accident Report
Renters must notify Signature within 24-hours of any accident,and will likely be required to complete an accident report for Signature's record and their
own. this report is for both parties protection and is particularly important
if the renters have puchased a waiver of damage. Statements made may become a
permanent part of the accident report. Renters must be truthful and acurate, as
statements my be used in legal claims.

Additional Driver
Additional drivers on rentals that will be paid using a credit card are required
to present their valid driver's license(s)and be present to sign the rental agreement.
An Additional Driver fee is required at
most locations.

Child Safety Seat/Infant Seat
Signature offers Child Safety seats for
the rental at an additional per day charge.This child seats are safety-approved for infants and toddlers that
weigh up to 40 lbs.

Advance Booking Requirement
A 24-hour advance reservation is required

Shuttle bus service
the shuttle is provided by,miami international holiday inn

please go to the upper level to be pick up.

Gas policy
As a customer , you have a choice as to how you would like to pay for fuel.
You will be provided with two options,
both starting with a full tank of fuel
in your vehicle at the time of rental.

Option 1:Prepaid gas.
This options allows a renter to pay for the full tank of gas at the time of rental and return empty. No refunds will be given for unused gas.

Option 2:Return full or Pay for gas.
This option allows a renter to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas or pay at the counter.Price per gallon will
higher than local gas.

SIGNATURE offers great rates for those
50 years of age and older.

A reservation is confirmation of a vehicle which is reserved for a customer at a particular location on a specified date, at an agreed upon base
rate price plus taxes.

Vehicles are reserved by rate code and vehicle category.
an agreed upon

signature rent a car will hold the reservation for up to 1 hours .

signature rent a car have the right to not to honor any double reservation for the same day.

credit and debit card policies
**renter must present valid drivers license and credit card in own name at time of rental
**Additional renters are subject to a surcharge of USD 6.00/day.Renters 21-24 are subject to a surcharge of USD 20.00/day.
** A deposit of USD 300-1000 plus the rental is required at time of rental.
**Vehicles rented with a full tank of fuel and should be returned full to avoid a locally determined refueling charge.

Primary Renter
The primary renter is the driver that is listed first on the rental agreement.

This person will be responsible for the
Signature vehicle.

Blackout Dates
This is normally during holidays and peak-rental times of the year.

Check-in Days
Check-in days are the days is in use ,or
"on the road".

Physical Damage Waiver
Physical Damage Waiver(PDW)is an option that,if purchased at an additional charge per day,eliminates responsibility for damage to or loss of a SIGNATURE rental vehicle as long as terms of the rental agreement have not been violated.
Physical Damage Waiver in NOT insurance.

Drop Charge
This is a fee that is assessed for renting a vehicle in one location and returning to another rental location
This drop charge fee varies by rental location and time of year.

Late Charges /Overtime
Signature calculates rates based on a
24-hour period.

Cancellation and No-Shows
If you wish to cancel your
reservation. Please do so within 48
hours of the rental pickup date and time
so we may free up your reserved vehicle
for other customer. You must use the
website you made the reservation on to
cancel your reservation.Failure to
cancel your reservation. within the 48
hours period prior to the rental pick up
date and time will result in a charge to
the credit card on file in the amount of
one days rental plus $25.00

*PDW is Optional If customer is paying with credit card that extends coverage options to USA or renter presents verification of personal insurance coverages at rental counter.Personal insurance must be accompanied by a copy stating that the customers insurance policy will cover the rental car in the united state.All credit cards and insurances are subject to verification and acceptance at rental counter.If neither stipulation is met-
Customer will be required to purchase PDW cost USD 21.00-34.99 /day.Optional Third Party Liability cost 12.99 /day.
If PDW is declined is MANDATORY for customer to purchase the Third Party Liability and would be responsible for the full value of the vehicle.

Age Requirements
Minimum Age: 21
Age 21 to 24 - Surcharge applies.
Age 25 to 25
Age 26 and over
Below are Signature's policies on age requirements: * the primary renter of the vehicle must be 21 years of age,or in limited cases, the minimum age is 21.

Additional Drivers
No additional drivers permitted
Additional drivers on rentals that will be paid using a credit card are required to present their valid driver's license(s)and be present to sign the rental agreement. An Additional Driver fee is required at most locations.

Driving Area
car may not leave the state of florida.

Fuel Policy
Vehicles must be returned with the fuel tank: Full
Fuel surcharges will apply. Price depends on current market. Ask at counter.

Deposit Requirements
Cash deposits are accepted. *A valid international driver's licence
*A return ticket from an airline or cruise line.
*Ability to make a cash deposit ($300)in addition to the cost of the rental
*Cash rentals are not permitted for USA
The following are also accepted for deposit:
Debit Card, Traveler's Cheques, VISA Check, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, Direct Bill (with special approval)

Payment Methods
Signature Rent A Car accepts the following methods of payment:
Traveler's Cheques, VISA Check, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, Direct Bill (with special approval)

Pick-ups and Drop-offs
No Charge Pick-ups and drop-offs available at airport, hotels and at mia airport only

One-Way Rentals
No charge for vehicles drop-offs between Signature Rent A Car locations.

Optional Charges and Coverage
client must provide proof of a valid insurance card at the time of rental.
Physical Damage Waiver-car
21.00 per day
139.93 per week
250.00 per month
phycal damage waiver
Pdw-Van Suv
181.93 per week
24.99 per day
250.00 per month
Child Seat
30.00 per month
20.00 per week
5.00 per day
Under Age Driver
350.00 per month
105.00 per week
20.00 per day
under age driver between the age of 21
to 24 years old a surcharge will apply
Supplemental Liability
300.00 per month
90.93 per week
12.99 per day
Additional Driver
100.00 per month
42.00 per week
10.00 per day
14.99 per day
104.93 per week
toll by plate
69.93 per week
9.99 per day
e tolls

Cancelation Policy
all reservation must be cancelled within 48 hours from the same web site ,other wise a cancelation fee of 25.00 dollars and one daily rate will be billed on the same card was given at the time of reservation.